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Ways To Financing A College Education by: Thaddeus Collins

Date Added: June 20, 2008 09:29:53 PM
Category: College Financial Aid

The cost of receiving a secondary education is rising every year, college tuition costs are on a steady rise. This makes attending college for lower income students an arduous task, unless you a talent like being good at a sport. Athletic scholarships help level the field on getting a college education. There are a vast variety of scholarships available for high school athletes that would like to attend college.

There are basically two types of scholarships available to high school student athletes, the Full Scholarship also known as the full ride, and the Partial Scholarship. But, before a scholarship can be sought after or awarded, the student must get noticed by a member of the college athletics department. Getting noticed by the athletics department or their scouts is becoming increasingly difficult because of cuts in athletic scouting budgets.

So the key to getting scouted is to provide a place that these scouts can view a profile of the students without taxing their budgets. One such resource is using a service that is offered by a company like Online Scouting Network. These types of companies provide a place for student-athletes to post their athletic and academic achievements to be viewed by college coaches and their staff free of charge to the college.

These types of services have benefits for both the student and college coaches, in-that it offers the students more visibility for their athletic and academic achievements, and coaches have a chance to view more potential prospects in an efficient and productive format. The Internet provides a great foundation for high school athletes to showcase their abilities and achievements, so that can gain more exposure in an extremely competitive sports scholarship environment.

The first steps to gaining exposure for a high school students athletic and academic achievement’s is to visit: to take a look at the benefits of having a sports profile showcased on the Internet.

About The Author

Thaddeus Collins is the owner of Online Scouting Network, and its mission is to provide high school student athletes an opportunity to attend college on an athletic or sports scholarship. For more information visit